Honored for a great experience at Victoria Beckham HQ in London where I gave an inspirational speech to employees on the meanings and challenges of sustainability in fashion.

A sharp and honest observation of society and the actions needed to create a more honest and responsible fashion system. A walk through my experiences and collaborations where social values and high quality, as well as humanity behind products and the industry standards dialogue successfully.

A visual journey and a passionate discussion from inspiration to challenges, from virtuous examples to provoking observations of the dualities of our time and future dreams ahead of us!

here is a quote from the participants:

“A passionate and eye opening delivery of the current ethical challenges faced by the fashion industry. It was incredibly refreshing to witness Barbara showcase human value through her work. Her first-hand experience was gripping and her lifelong commitment to achieve social value through what she loves, is admirable.

Thank you Barbara for showing us that a little really does go a long way” – Victoria Beckham Employee






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